Training Course - 28 May - 05 June 2022, Hungary

crEATe! was an 8 days long Training Course that took place between 28 May – 05 June in Alsótold, Hungary with the participation of youth workers who were interested in gaining knowledge on sustainability – especially in regard of food consumption and sustainable dining. Participants shared best practices on the topic, developed skills that are crucial for their work with young people and also learned how to design and implement their own educational programs. The project was a result of a cooperation with Felelős Gasztrohős. 
The Training Course took place with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. 

You can see more photos of the program here: 

Training Course - 23-30 April 2022, Hungary

Skillshop was a 7 days long Training Course in Alsótold Hungary between 23-30 April 2022 with the participation of youth workers from 7 countries: Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary. The program aimed to equip youth workers with new skills especially regarding self awareness and the ability to believe in the power of their own learning potential. They had space to learn, to connect and to acquire new methods which they can use with their own target groups.
The Training Course took place with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

You can see more photos of the program here:

Youth Exchange - 22-31 October 2021

‘Greenway’ youth exchange took place in Alsótold, Hungary with the participation of young people from Greece, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Hungary. Participants learned about the topic of sustainability, they shared with each other their thoughts and experiences on the subject while developed some important soft skills through various creative recycling workshops. They created and learned together for 10 days, they got to know each other, made connections, friendships, and they made plans for home about what they will do in their local communities in order to take care of their own environment and to promote sustainability whithin their own network.

You can see more photos of the program here:

Advertising the Change
Training Course - 11-18 September 2021

‘Advertising the Change’ was a Training course where youth workers from Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Hungary got together to learn about the topic of sustainability, and how they can promote this topic through different media elements. They learned various creative recycling techniques, had the chance to try out photo and video making and practiced how they can use this in their professional lives. 

You can see more photos of the program here:

ReCharge Yourself!
Training Course - 27 August - 2 September

ReCharge Yourself! was a 7 days long training course where we invited youth workers, trainers in order to give them tools and methods for self-motivation and self-empowerement. Participants learned techniques to prevent burnout and they get to practice how they can support their own target groups once back home – while designing and implementing their own workshop. You can find the pictures of the program here:

As a result a 12 days long challenge was also created which you can find in the photo attached. Feel free to join the challenge and start doing something for yourself every day! 

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Youth Exchange - 28 February - 8 March 2020

‘GreenNation’ Youth Exchange was the second part of the project ‘Sustainability Plan’ funded by the Erasmus+ programme which happened between 28 February – 8 March. 36 youngsters from Greece, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia and Hungary got together to learn about the topic of sustainability, to practice creative recycling techniques and develop their skills in an intercultural environment.

You can find the pictures of the program here:

If you would like to have more insight on what happened at the program, check out our online magazine which summarises the results and includes our participants testimonials:

Training Course - 16-23 September 2019

Sustainability Plan is a long term project containing a training course and a youth exchange. ReMarkIT! Training Course was the first phase of the project which was organised by ReCreativity Social Enterprise in collaboration with YMCA Parthenope, Solidarity Mission, AJ Intercambia, IMKA Latvia and YouthHUB. Participants of the training course learned about the topic of sustainability and practiced how they can plan, organise and deliver workshops.
Check out the full summary of the program here:
See the photos of the program here:

They also created a 22 days challenge that was a result of their own personal challenges in order to encourage others to take their first steps to start a more sustainable lifestyle. The challenge was also part of Erasmus Days 2019:

Youth Exchange - 11-20 August 2019

‘Green is the new black’ Youth Exchange took place between 11-20 August in Alsótold Hungary with participants from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Estonia and Hungary and was organised by ReCreativity. Participants of the program learned new techniques of creative recycling while developed skills and gained knowledge on environmental topics. 

You can find the pictures of the program here:
And an online magazine that is summarising what happened at the youth exchange here:

Youth Exchange - 20-30 July 2019 - Italy

One of the main activity of ReCreativity is to send young people all over Europe to participate to amazing programs financed by Erasmus+. Last summer from 20 to 30 July, 6 youngsters from Hungary, got together with 30 more people from Italy, Jordan, Greece, Palestine and Tunisia to get to know each other, have fun and most of all explore how we can involve young refugees and migrants into our society through sports activities. It was a great success and you can find more information on the facebook page of the Italian organizers association Via Firenze 21“.

TRAINING FOR TRAINERS - S.O.S - Solutions for Organisations on Sustainability
Training Course - 10-18 June 2018

Youth workers, mentors, trainers, teachers, volunteers of NGOs got together for the Training Course in Alsótold, Hungary to learn about the topic of sustainability – on a personal and environmental level. They gained new competences, learned about sustainable project management, developed their trainer skills and had to chance to connect from people from all around Europe – participants came from Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Estonia, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary!

See the pictures of the program here!

Youth Exchange - 26 April-5 May 2018

Makeology was an international youth exchange where 30 people met form 5 different countries: Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. It took place in Alsótold (Hungary) between the 26th April and 5th May. Financied by Erasmus+ Programme. Participants learned about sustainability and developed some new skills, and they also visited a local school where they showed students how they can recycle in a creative way! 
Photos and video by Rosa Sanzone – you can see the full album here:
And find the video here: