The secret of a successful team: a thousand hands, with one mind."

/Bill Johnson/

Why should you work with us?

More than 10 years of professional experience

With a 10-year history behind us, we have experienced how important it is to continuously train employees and to create a cheerful and balanced workplace atmosphere. With the help of our trainers and the tasks, communication within the company can be developed, team spirit and effective joint work can be developed. The focus of the trainings can also be the coordination of goals, the exploration of communication problems and the development of personal relationships. The conduct of team building trainings depends on the number of employees and varies according to individual requests.

An environmentally conscious approach

Environmental protection and sustainability are close to our heart, which is why we have trainings and workshops where environmental awareness comes to the fore as a way of thinking.
Environmental awareness can be developed and incorporated into everyday life. We share ideas and practices that can be applied both at workplaces and in households with the groups, or we recycle waste materials in the form of specific tasks.

Workshops in the name of sustainability

At our workshops and trainings we incorporate and use creative recycling as a tool to develop life skills. The method of experiential learning is combined with a creative process, mostly in an international environment. In this process we give new life for waste materials. We use modern household waste materials, which can be found in every family, and are created from these unique items accessories, purses, bags, furniture, musical instruments or toys.

Customized team builder

We always adapt our team building trainings to the needs of the given company. The common goals within the team, the location of the team building and the length of the training vary, so we consider it important to design a unique training suitable for the group. The programs can be indoor or outdoor, one-day, several-day or even several-hour workshops. Team building sessions are arranged on the basis of an individual discussion.

Our corporate team builders

céges csapatépítő,

Becreativity CSR

Is social responsibility important to you? If you feel that you would like an activity that builds the team and helps others at the same time, then we recommend our Becreativity workshop! As part of this, they were able to participate in a team-building mini-training on creative recycling and sustainability. At the workshop, HUF 500 will be sent to the international foundation WWF Hungary for each participant.


Topic: sustainability, recycling

Number of people



4 hours


We do not provide a fixed location for the program.
We organize the workshop based on individual needs!

Csapatkép egy többnapos csapatépítőről

More days Retreats

We have outsourced team builders in various parts of the country. Depending on the season, we hold training sessions both outdoors and indoors. If you want to hold an all-day or several-day team building training, contact us, we will be happy to organize it for you.


Topic: sustainability, recycling

Number of people



depends on individual request


Our fixed location is Alsótold, but an individual request
we can outsource the team builder.

mini csapatépítő, workshop

Mini trainings and workshops

We recommend the few-hour team building and mini-workshops to companies that have little free time, so they can solve team building within working hours. As well as those who want to bring the team together with a more relaxed but developmental activity. Topic:

During the team building, the participants will get a basic knowledge of what sustainability means in the everyday life of individuals during a practical and interactive exercise. What is our role and responsibility in it and what practical solutions can we incorporate into our everyday lives. The participants are given questions that they can discuss in a few minutes either in small groups or in pairs. The presentation is interactive, the outcome of which is the creation of a personal challenge that everyone can apply together at home or at work.

Mini Trainings

Topic: Introduction to sustainability

Number of people



60-90 minute


Outsourced team builder

molinó újrahasznosítás

Molino recycling combined with team building

We recommend this program to those companies that have unnecessary wind turbines and do not want to throw them away. With our help and the involvement of your colleagues, we make bags and wallets from the molino material.

Molino recycling

Topic: Molino recycling

Number of people



Depends on the number of employees.



Our trainers


Trainer, Company founder


Projectmanager, trainer


Trainer, coach


Trainer, psychologist


Trainer coordinator, trainer

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