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Our international programs are co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, so you have the opportunity to travel, study and meet new people. Erasmus+ activities are taking place using the methodology of non-formal education and the focus is on the development of personal and social skills. This means that the time and learning you spend on the program will be very different from what you are used to at school. We play, act, create, travel – all in order to learn something and use it at home.

One of the main goals of the European Union is to encourage the mobility and learning of young people. This program was also created for this purpose, during which the program supports 100% of the travel costs so that everyone has the opportunity to travel, get to know new cultures, and thus live together in acceptance in Europe.

For youth exchanges, we welcome applications from young people who have not yet participated in such a program and who want to get to know new cultures and get closer to developing a certain topic.

We are looking for applications from professionals who work with people (young people or young adults), especially in the helping professions.
Anyone who is open to new methodologies and willing to learn will definitely feel good and go home with new knowledge.

To apply, you must fill out an online application form and we will notify everyone after the specified time.

After the program, you will receive your travel expenses back, and your housing and meals will be largely subsidized. You can find all the details on this page, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


A: You can stay in the country you travel to for two-five days all together outside of the program days. If you have any issues finding tickets this way, let us know and we will find a solution.

A: If you are a citizen of a country other than your sending country, you can still participate in the project if you have a residence permit of the sending country. Please, bring your residence permit/a copy of your residence permit with you to the project.

A. Yes, you can travel to the program with car. We can reimburse your travel until the reimbursement limit of your country. The amount of your travel will be counted according to tax regulations – it will be counted based on your travel distance and the type of car you are driving. For the administration, we will need the following: 

  • copy of the car’s registration card
  • your exact travel route – starting address and route of getting to the project venue and back

A: It is not a problem if you travel from a country other than your sending country. We can reimburse your travel until the reimbursement limit of your sending country. If you manage to find travel options within this limit, we can reimburse you fully. If you are over the limit, you will have to finance the amount that is over the limit by yourself.

In case the airline didn’t send you the invoice, please, send us the e-mail which verifies your payment – usually it’s a confirmation e-mail in which it is visible how much you paid for the given flight. 

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Participants' Testimonials

STEP 0 Training Course


My best moments during the TC were when we had the eye contact exercise. I was so full of emotions of all kinds and being connected to the life and experiences of the person I was looking and observing how fast the members of TC were getting along together and forming friendship connections.
During TC I have learned that I have to go with the flow of every situation and not blaming or victimizing because everything is a challenge and also I have learned how to be more motivated in having a morning routine and how to better manage my emotions and many other things.

I am so grateful for being a part of TC, it had helped me a lot in my daily life and also to be more sociable and extroverted.
Thank you!



Honestly, this was one of the best experience in Hungary which will stay with me for lifetime. And I mean it… the whole team from Dóra to Barbara to Richard and even the cute kids were genuinely so accommodating and lovely humans! And even, your follow up’s are so darling.

STEP 0 Training Course

Greenway Youth Exchange


It’s been a while since the program ended but it truly was a life changing experience that I still remember very vividly.They say that when something becomes a memory you don’t actually remember the memory as it is, instead you remember the feeling that this memory caused you. I carry so many beautiful memories with me because of this. 

So thank you for creating this amazing program and giving me the chance to be a part of it.

Greenway Youth Exchange


I took part in the Greenway Youth Exchange because of the main topics: creative recycling, the environment and sustainability. Topics I wanted to learn more about. Looking back I’m not disappointed. I had a great time in Alsótold and Budapest. The host organization created multiple workshops, teambuilding/outdoor activities, a movie night, ice-breaker games etc. – and they let the participants also take over for one day. The group dynamic was special I recall. Fascinating how a group of young people from six European countries with different ages, lives and backgrounds can grow towards each other in such a short time span. If you are curious or passionate about certain topics and you find a youth exchange that matches your needs then go for it!

 Sustainability Plan – ReMark It! Training Course


When it comes to Erasmus+ , this is my first cultural exchange program and I was little worried about how people accept a non European in to this activity , but the whole journey was a smooth and interesting ride for me , i have realized people are more interested to know about other cultures and understand and accept the differences among us. The organizers are friendly, helpful and trying their best to improve the program as per participant expectations and feedback. 

On a whole it was one of its kind experience I have never seen before and I am very happy to take part in this program.

Step 0 Training Course


The most useful things I learned are how to meditate, morning routine and sustainability which I included in my everyday life. Also being more present, be here and now. Not perfect still, but better than before 😄

Thank you for this amazing training course and hope to see you soon!

Sustainability Plan – GreenNation Youth Exchange


I was very pleasantly surprised of the “GreenNation” youth exchange, from day one ’til the end. The program was full of practical workshops, through which I acquired useful skills on up-cycling, and it was a huge bonus that we had all of these items made by ourselves, for us – mugs, bags, notebooks, etc. Something that I really loved a lot was also the improvisational theater, which I did not expect at all and was so happy to play. For me, quite an important thing that made this program different and successful is the fact that we had a separated workplace, where we could concentrate ourselves to give the best we’re capable of. 

The experience was great and I would strongly advise it to others.

Greenway Youth Exchange


What I really liked about the GreenNation project was how organized, detailed and full of knowledge it was. Besides our group having an instant connection in the first 2 hours, the whole project helped me understand the importance of love, respect and teamwork, because i got to know and work with people from completely different backgrounds, with different stories and mindsets, which was super-interesting.

But project-wise it was helpful to learn about the different recycling techniques, activities we can do, to build a more sustainable lifestyle and see the real situation in the world and how we can change it. After the project I am very motivated to use the different sustainable activities in my life and spread awareness to my friends, because I believe that small steps taken in the right direction lead to big results. I would definitely recommend this project to everybody, because the experience, knowledge, contacts and memories I got are priceless!

Greenway Youth Exchange


My Erasmus+ project in Hungary has been a great opportunity as well as a cultural enrichment in many different ways. It has allowed me to discover myself, to improve my skills related to recycling dynamics and to learn more about the environment and the world we are living in. I have made such great friends and though time passes, memories stay. 

When I got home, it was still the same, but something in my mind had changed, and that changed everything.

Makeology Youth Exchange


I’ve learned that there are so many possible ways how to reuse materials. For example tetra wallets and cardboard diaries. I also learned that there are several organizations that upcycle and make very beautiful and practical products. All you need is your imagination.

Makeology Youth Exchange


I’ve learned that it’s not so difficult to live in a sustainable way, with small changes we can make a big difference and that it’s important to raise awareness about the problem.

Makeology Youth Exchange


This project has made me look wider to recycling/ sustainability topic and gave me causes and improvements why I should recycle and be sustainable in my own life, and also I learned some creative ways to recycle (which has made the idea more fun to do).

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