About the project

The FABLE project focuses on developing innovative practices for youth workers to support young people in using sustainable fashion as a way to create inclusive spaces. These new spaces of inclusiveness and the use of sustainable fashion as a tool are aimed to bring young people back together and promote entrepreneurship, creative learning and critical thinking. Thus, the project offers an alternative solution to promote inclusiveness starting from youth workers and young people, as well as fostering youth entrepreneurship and opportunities of personal and professional change.

Our objectives

The project focuses on two key global topics: how to be sustainable even in fashion and how an ever-evolving industry can be used as a lever to develop new inclusive opportunities and transversal skills that can also be useful outside this market through the promotion of critical thinking and ethical work as a basis for the future. Our goals are:

  • Empowering young people and fostering the skill-building of young people with an innovative flexible methodology, to be adaptable in different disadvantaged contexts.
  • Empowering organizations across the EU by promoting social inclusion approaches via the fashion labour market
  • Providing tools and resources to turn creative ideas connected to the sustainable fashion world into concrete actions
  • Awareness-raising local communities on the importance of rethinking the concept of inclusiveness creating a fil rouge with opportunities, labour market and sustainability

Contact us:

Email: hello@recreativity.net
Telefon: +36 (30) 479 72 53