About Us

” Upcycling workshops for people

 who want to change the world! “


ReCreativity is a social enterprise that operates a social studio in Budapest and provides programs with the tool of creative recycling, in order that participants build creative solutions in their everyday life, and in the mean time inquire environmental awareness.

When was the last time you created something with your own 2 hands? Do you remember the simple joy and proudness it can bring? Do you remember how to express your feelings through arts and crafts and paints and colors and movement…?

Our activities


non formal training programmes

Creative workshops

2-3 hours in different places, events


Personalized coaching in product/service design and entrepreneurship

In our workshops and trainings we use creative recycling as a tool to develop life skills. The method of learning by experience is combined with a creative process, most of the time in an international environment. During this process we give a new life to waste materials. We use modern household waste materials that are found in each family, from these unique objects born ike accessories, wallets, bags, furniture, musical instruments or games.

We, the co-founders have diplomas in education management and youth work, and we have more than 8 years of experience in youth work which led to the foundation of ReCreativity. As young entrepreneurs we are also responsible for the management of our enterprise, we run projects continuously, we like to see how the enterprise is growing day by day, and through our own example we encourage entrepreneurship between young people.