Company team builders and Erasmus+ programs


International and domestic Erasmus
programs with the support of the European Union.


What do we develop?
Skills and communication
Motivation and creativity
Empathy and teamwork


ZERO WASTE, green household,
personal hygiene in a natural
way, individual advice.

Our Brands

Tiny eco
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Erasmus+ programs

What do you need to know about our Erasmus+ programs? How can you register for the announced events? What kind of programs do we send participants from Hungary to? What trainings do we organize and what methods do we use?


For companies


Zero Waste workshops and 1-3 day events based on a conscious lifestyle.

Corporate team builders

Outdoor and indoor team builders in the name of sustainability and awareness.

Zero Waste Bootcamp

Online advice on personal hygiene and green housekeeping for companies and individuals.

How do we work?

In our workshops and trainings, we use the method of creative recycling to develop skills. The experience-based learning method is mixed with a creative process, during which we make objects from materials destined to be thrown away.

We use raw materials that can be found in every household, plastic, paper, tetra pak, pet bottles, textiles, cardboard, from which the participants make objects, accessories, musical instruments, and toys in our workshops.

More than 8 years of international experience and the personal enthusiasm of the founders led to the establishment of ReCreativity. As young entrepreneurs, we are also responsible for the continuous growth, maintenance and support of the business.

Our projects are constantly running and we enjoy how the organization grows day by day. We develop and improve. We will get the most out of you so that you leave the team builders with an experience and knowledge that is permanent and can be incorporated into everyday life.


Our team

Get to know us!


Founder, trainer

I am Barka, founder of ReCreativity Social Enterprise and I am passionate about sustainable development. The more I learn about it the more I feel the need I need to learn more. As a learning experience designer I am putting together the non formal educational material for the workshops and training courses. I love to work with groups as it gives more space for development and possible change.”


training coordinator, traniner


Képzési koordinátor, Tréner

“I am a trainer and training coordinator of ReCreativity. I believe that non-formal education can give a chance to people to get to know themselves better and to develop crucial personal and social skills which can support them in all areas of life. This is why I am devoted towards creating learning opportunities on diverse topics, such as sustainability, employability, entrepreneurship and organisational development.”


projekt manager, trainer


projekt menedzser, tréner

“I am Blanka and I am the project manager of ReCreativity. I help out with the admin work and the implementation of the projects. Next to that I also facilitate as I believe in learning by doing. My main goal is to support and to help people to find their voice in their personal and professional life as well.”


trainer, coach

“As a certified meditation trainer and coach my goal is to support you discover your potential, how to develop deeper connection with self & others, create work-life balance. My areas of expertise are stress-release/burnout, self-confidence/development, leadership, negotiation/sales, assertive communication and business coaching.”


trainer, psychologist

“I am a trainer, psychologist and founder of Bee in Flow. I am mainly interested in mindfulness, career guidance and grief counselling. I believe that all the answers we seek are already within us.”

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